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Pest Profile: Borers


Boring Insects ("Borers") Quick Facts Far from being dull, these flying beetles get their name from parasitically boring into the living wood of host trees and siphoning out nutrients over time. Yuck? Totally!  Keeping your trees happy, healthy, and well nurtured is the key to preventing [...]

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Caring For Mature Trees


Well-established trees are often a low-maintenance joy, offering shady afternoons and decades of beauty. Caring for your mature and established trees will give them a future of health and longevity; a little care goes a long way!  Here are our six go-to tips for giving your shady friends the best care: Regularly water your trees [...]

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9 Books on Trees to Branch Out Your Bookshelf!


What Are Your Arborists Reading? 9 Books on Trees to Branch Out Your Bookshelf! The Tree Book, Dirr & Warren The Tree Book is an anthology of the best plants and trees for North American plantings, complete with glossy full color pages. It reads easily, and is a great reference book. Songs of Trees [...]

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Soil Matters! Benefits of Organic Bio Stimulant Fertilizations


Enhance root and foliage growth Encouraging healthy growth is what brings us strong, luscious trees! Healthy trees have both a strong root system supporting it, and happy branches and leaves. Bio Stimulants encourage growth by amending the soil with the nutrients trees need to grow from the ground up!  Improve soil texture and structure Tough [...]

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Interview With Your Arborist – Mike DuPont


ISA Certified Arborist #MA-0268 How did you first find the tree care industry? It was a summer job while I was in college! My friend had his own tree company, and I worked for him during the summer while I was at The University of Maryland.    What was it that inspired you to stay? [...]

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3 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Landscape


As our environment changes around us and drought conditions become more stubborn, we're all looking to be more eco-minded! Here are three easy, Arborist-approved changes you can make in your yard - we're happy to help implement any of these for you as well! Plant natives  Planting native trees and plants is a gift to [...]

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