3 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Landscape

As our environment changes around us and drought conditions become more stubborn, we’re all looking to be more eco-minded! Here are three easy, Arborist-approved changes you can make in your yard – we’re happy to help implement any of these for you as well!

  1. Plant natives 

Planting native trees and plants is a gift to our natural California ecosystem! The insects, birds, and wildlife here need plants native to our area to thrive, and will thank you for adding to their habitat. Native plants and trees are also less high-maintenance, as they are adapted to our hot weather and are most often drought tolerant.


    2. Install a drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation systems help reduce water waste and run-off by placing emitters that deliver water to your plants right where they need it most. Installed and set up correctly, these will relieve the stress of losing or stressing your trees to the risks of over-watering or under-watering. Your ISA Certified Arborist can help you determine how much water each of your plants need during the changing seasons and drought conditions, and drip systems make those watering schedules easy! 

     3. Mulch

Adding a natural mulch barrier around the root zone of your trees and shrubs is an easy way to make a huge difference! Mulch not only looks amazing, but it helps retain water and soil moisture. This natural water retention helps aid trees in surviving heat and drought stress, as well as inhibiting disease. But there’s even more to mulch’s superpowers! Mulches made of natural wood (over rubber or dyed varieties) will naturally break down over time, adding beneficial nutrients to your trees’ soil. Our Arborists are well versed in mulch and the varieties available in the Sacramento region. If you have any questions or need suggestions, set up a visit – our crews can even deliver and spread mulch for you!

Looking for more help on creating an eco-friendly yard? Set up a visit with one of our ISA Certified Arborists!