Capital Arborists is here for you, and here for your trees.

We’re founded with a vision of a client-centered tree and landscape company, driven by a team of experts that believes that a job well done truly matters.

We have a staff of competent, professional, and present ISA Certified Arborists, Arborist Apprentices, Plant Health Care professionals, and licensed Qualified Applicators who are committed to providing you with trusted and reliable service through our education and passion for arboriculture.

We value creating lasting relationships with our clients, and offer them peace of mind by providing a wealth of knowledge on call. Our team is able to provide truly personal care through an established relationship with you and each and every one of your trees and shrubs.

We’re committed to saving you time, money, and hassle by completing expert-level work every time we visit your property. Our personalized care offers you better value with superior service, and our expansive education helps us understand exactly what your trees need – so we won’t sell you anything they don’t.

We are a diverse team of experts that uses a scientific and environmentally inclusive approach to understand how all parts of each unique home ecosystem work together, creating efficient and comprehensive tree and landscape care.

The Capital Arborists team is well trained, highly qualified, and committed to each and every client, making their experience with us a pleasure from start to finish. Our pride in our craft gives you pride in your property, so you can truly love being home!

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