ISA Certified Arborist/Owner/VP of Production

Jeff’s energy and passion for clients have inspired a new standard in the tree care field. He has been in the arboriculture industry for over 30 years, has been an ISA Certified Arborist since 2007, and is a valued leader on our ownership team.

His commitment to tree safety led him to become ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified. This qualification is awarded to professional Arborists with proven expertise in assessing and managing trees that pose a high risk within residential and urban forests.

From small new plantings to expansive removal projects, you can expect Jeff’s unparalleled care of you and your trees.

He enjoys time with family, and trips around California to watch the SF Giants and LA Rams play.

Favorite Tree: Red Maple
ISA Certified Arborist: #WE-7986A
Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Jeff Alspaw


Jeff Alspaw