7 Benefits of Regular Tree Pruning

#1: Encourage Healthy Growth

Proper pruning encourages healthy growth, removing heavy, diseased, or unsafe branches for trees of all sizes. Much like a haircut for us, getting the dead and broken out allows for healthier and more vibrant tree growth!


#2: Prevent Breakage and Damage During Summer Heat 

Professional pruning done by the right team will help relieve your trees of undue weight and stress, helping them fare better in winter storms – and summer heat.


#3: Ensure Trees are Safely Clear of Power Lines and Utility Equipment

Expertly pruning back branches growing around and into power and utility equipment helps you stay safe, and your trees stay healthy! Trees growing too close to equipment produce a fire hazard, and pose risk to expensive equipment you don’t want to be liable for!


#4: Remove Dead Branches and Maintain Long-term Beauty of the Tree

Proper pruning keeps your trees healthy and looking great! By removing unsightly dead branches and encouraging healthy growth, regular pruning enhances the natural beauty of your trees and property.


#5: Keep Trees and Shrubs Away From Home Structures to Prevent Pests and Damage

Pruning keeps tree branches and shrubs away from your home, preventing damage from rubbing and refusing pests easy access to your home. From preventing rodents in attics to damaged roofs and sidings, proper regular pruning is an essential part of home maintenance!


#6: Properly Establish Structure of Young Trees

Young trees should be expertly pruned early in their growth to establish healthy structure for long-term strength of the tree. This helps prevent weak limbs, lopsided weight, and gives you the best shot at a beautiful long-living 


#7: Promote Healthy Restructuring of Trees That Have Been Improperly Pruned

Trees that have been topped or badly pruned in the past often need years of damage control by a Certified Arborist. Topping causes such structural damage that saving the tree’s health and wellbeing requires expert pruning over many growing seasons. Remember to never let anyone top your trees!