9 Books on Trees to Branch Out Your Bookshelf!

What Are Your Arborists Reading?

9 Books on Trees to Branch Out Your Bookshelf!

The Tree Book, Dirr & Warren

The Tree Book is an anthology of the best plants and trees for North American plantings, complete with glossy full color pages. It reads easily, and is a great reference book.

Songs of Trees
The Songs of Trees gives its reader a front row seat to the ethereal magic of trees, how we as humans are deeply intertwined with them, and their lives in our urban and natural forests.


The Man Who Climbs Trees
The Man Who Climbs Trees follows a photographer’s adventurous journey to finding a deep appreciation for the interconnected world of trees and life on earth.


A Californian’s Guide to the Trees Among Us
This beautiful, rich guide gives an easily digestible look into the life, history, and future of our most common California trees.

California’s Citrus Heritage
A quick read giving a deep understanding of California’s rich history of citrus orchards – something many of us overlook! From the Gold Rush to today’s booming central valley of citrus crops, California’s history is written in citrus trees – right in our own backyards!


Charming children’s book about an acorn eager to grow into a big and tall oak tree. We love this as a way to introduce a love of trees – and our California Oaks – to little ones!


Ever Green
Ever Green is an inspiring and provoking handbook to the role our global forests and local urban forests play in ecological conservation and the future of our planet. You’ll be grabbing a shovel and planting a tree before you finish this book!

Trees of the West
Trees of the West will bring you on a journey of art and biological reference bound together. With her whimsical art, Molly Hashimoto brings life and joy to learning about the most ecologically important trees of the American West.

The Lorax, Dr. Seuss
We can’t leave this one on the shelf! The Lorax and his provocative ‘Speaking for the Trees’ has inspired generations, and generations of Arborists and tree lovers! Our favorite conservationist little hero, we think this one’s more relevant than ever for all ages!

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