Benefits of Annual Arborist Visits

Having your trees, shrubs, and soil examined by an expert on a regular basis is an easy way to protect your investment in them. From pest infestations to broken limbs, ISA Certified Arborists can spot problems and give expert advice before more expensive issues arise.

Pest & Disease

Having trained eyes spot a pest like scale, aphid, or Citrus Leaf Miner before they become a full infestation can be the difference for your trees’ health before devastating damage is done. Many pests, especially in their larvae stage, often look like other insects – even beneficials like lady bugs or lacewings. Regular expert help takes away the worry of discovering an infestation, and prevents you from wasting money on an over-the-counter product that may do more harm than good for your trees.

General Health

An Arborist walking your property can help spot trouble with your property’s overall health. Watering, irrigation, and plant nutrient needs change with the season and year, especially in extended drought conditions like we experience in the Sacramento Valley. If there are any issues or adjustments that should be made, you’ve got a caring expert on hand for trustworthy advice and creating a care plan that puts your tree’s best interest front and center.

Pruning & Structural Health

Regular visits from your ISA Certified Arborist help prevent big problems when it comes to your trees’ structure and growth. We can help spot dangerous and heavy dead or broken branches, unsightly overgrowth, and limbs at risk to break or snap during summer heat and winter storms. Our goal is to prevent emergency tree situations (branches on roofs, breakage during storms, and uprooted trees) by caring for your trees on a regular basis – all saving you big money and major stress. Preventing breakage and structural maladies with regular inspections and science-backed pruning care protects your investment in your trees and your peace of mind!

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Benefit of Annual Arborist Visits