Bringing Personality Into Your Landscape

So often we come across friends or clients worried over exactly what to plant and where. And while there are absolutely plants better suited to one environment versus the next, if you find yourself getting into a paralysis trying to overanalyze your outdoor space, take a trip to a nursery and just pick something out that looks great to you. Once you’ve got that beautiful, bright, or unique plant in, work from there! Find plants that have similar light and watering needs, and continue to build your space! Starting with a tree just because it caught your eye adds character and personality into your landscape. You can also do this with anything else fun you find – a colorful pot, antique farm equipment, or whatever else!

Your outdoor space is a canvas to reflect what you enjoy, whether that’s a home orchard of fruit trees, big Oaks over an outdoor kitchen, or just those few trees that caught your eye.

Almost all of the plants you’ll find at our local nurseries work well with our climate – and we can help you with planting – so let’s get inspired this fall!