Expert Advice: Summer Tree Health

Stressed trees in the summer? Our ISA Certified Arborists most commonly advise these few steps to help your trees and shrubs thrive through the hottest months of the year!

  1. Mulching
    A fresh layer of high quality non-dyed wood mulch around the root zone will help protect your tree from high heat. Leaving space for the trunk, think about a 5” layer and canopy-wide if space allows. Mulch helps retain water from natural evaporation, and adds nutrients to your tree’s soil over time. Mulching is one of the quickest and most effective ways to show your trees love! Don’t stress about dusting off your old wheelbarrow from the shed.. our crews can deliver and spread mulch – just ask your Arborist when you see them!
  2. Organic Bio-Stimulant Soil Treatments
    Like a multi-vitamin for your soil, these organic boosts give your trees and shrubs what they need to stay all-around healthy and protect themselves from the stress of heat, nutrient deficiencies, and pests. Our organic bio stimulants are injected right into the soil surrounding your tree’s root zone, so the trees efficiently receive the nutrients they need exactly where they need it.
  3. HydroMax Treatments
    Our arborists use a natural, plant-based soil penetrant to help condition stubborn soil and help trees stay hydrated during heat and drought. These treatments are given to the soil around your trees’ roots system and help retain water during the hottest months of the year.
  4. Expert Pruning
    Many people don’t think of summer as a great time to prune, but it is essential for your trees’ health to have excess deadwood and weight properly removed to avoid safety hazards and structural maladies. Trees that are struggling with structural issues and excess weight will show more signs of stress in heat and drought, and it is important to have your arborist do a full assessment of what may be needed.

Have more questions about preparing for summer temperatures and drought conditions? Set up a time for one of our ISA Certified Arborists to walk your property with you and answer your questions! Set up an appointment here. We serve the greater Sacramento and southern Placer County areas.

Preparing Your Trees for Summer