How To Hire An Arborist

If you’re looking for a Certified Arborist to help care for your trees, you’ve already figured out that knowledge and experience provide the best care! We believe a relationship between you, your arborist, and your trees is the cornerstone of your property’s green health. 

Here are our insider tips for hiring the right ISA Certified Arborist 

  1. Ensure the arborist is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

 Our ISA Certified Arborists are all certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Not all arborists are the same, but Certification through the ISA provides our industry with a benchmark for Arborists with proven knowledge of tree biology and proper tree care.

      2. Ask for references and reviews

Okay, most of us do this, especially with how easy reading reviews is online now! Yelp, Nextdoor, and Google, and checking in with friends and neighbors who have used a company is always a great way to feel how happy they were. 

We’re proud to have dozens of great reviews from our clients! 

3. Verify that the firm has liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

 This is super important for homeowners and Arborists alike! Without proper insurance, you as a home or property owner can be – and likely will be – held liable for accidents and injuries from an uninsured company. Tree work is a highly skilled profession requiring years of experience and safety training, and having the right people on your property means having a team who protects their company, their team, and their clients with the right insurance. Let us know if you’d like a copy of our insurance policies! 

4. Get a written estimate and contract for the services.

 A professional Arborist firm will provide you with a written or e-mail estimate. We e-mail our estimates to you (or snail mail if you prefer!) so you have a record of the work and prices we’ve agreed on – no surprises and no day-of stresses! 

5. Avoid hiring anyone recommending topping trees or climbing spikes on healthy trees.

 These two practices are common but bright red flags! Topping trees and climbing living trees with spikes are cheap practices that don’t require knowledge of what’s best for the tree’s health.  Topping makes significant and indiscriminate cuts on branches, often destroying their structural health and leaving them susceptible to many pests and diseases, and is against our ethics as Arborists. 


Looking for the right Arborist in the Greater Sacramento Area? Set up a visit with one of our ISA Certified Arborists!