Interview With Your Arborist – Molly DuPont

ISA Certified Arborist #WE-12306A

How did you first find the tree care industry?

You may notice from the last name, but I grew up around the arboriculture industry! I remember driving around with my dad on Saturday mornings checking on his tree crews, and the passion for the industry just stuck with me.


What was it that inspired you to stay?

I have a passion for business, and I think the Arboriculture industry is at a really cool turning point in professionalism and higher education, and it has an integral part to play in the future of our environment. Certified Arborists who know what they’re doing, and truly care, can leave a legacy of healthy trees and trees suited for our changing environment – trees that live on long after we do. 


What’s your favorite part of an average day ‘in your boots’ as an Arborist?

I help facilitate our Arborist Apprentice program here, and there’s nothing that beats seeing one of our team members become an ISA Certified Arborist. Helping them find the tools to study, learn, and grow, and then achieve that success that will stay with them for a lifetime and be the cornerstone of their career is really so rewarding. 


What’s something you wish more people knew about arborists, the tree care industry, or just trees in general?

I have a passion for native plants and trees, and I wish they were more prevalent in the conversation around urban forestry. Native trees are already adapted to our environment, and adding to our California and Sacramento region’s natural ecosystem by caring for and planting these trees is a gift that we can give back to nature.

Learn more about Molly and her role as a Certified Arborist at Capital Arborists on her profile!