Interview With Your Arborist – Steve Williams

Interview With Your Arborist – Steve Williams



How did you first find the tree care industry?

It really found me. I was looking for what was just the next job, but it grew on me. Working with trees and working outside just had a magic to it. 


What was it that inspired you to stay?

The opportunity to not only find education for myself within the industry through certifications, as well as being able to educate others in the community really inspired me to grow and learn more. I love to share my knowledge, and having that drive to chase more knowledge on trees, shrubs, and caring for them really inspired me to stick with it all. 

The ability to make the world a better place, and leave a lasting impact on the environment is incredibly rewarding. I’m able to do my part and make a career out of making a difference for the world and the environment. 


What’s your favorite part of an average day ‘in your boots’ as an Arborist?

Assisting in education, especially with the environmental impacts on the region. Trees need the right minds looking out for their best interest, which is our job as ISA Certified Arborists.


What’s something you wish more people knew about arborists, the tree care industry, or just trees in general?

I wish people knew the simplicity of tree care. Knowing the basics, and having the right advice from experts makes such a difference, and makes mitigating risk factors that become overwhelming so easy.


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