Leave the Lawn! Plant Native & Water-Wise!

Thousands of Californians are taking up no-lawn landscapes!

With increasing heat and stubborn drought conditions, our acres of lush green lawns are becoming a thing of the past – and as Arborists… we’re loving it! Our collective allegiance to lawns as Californians adds very little to our ecosystem, and contributes to a phenomenon called ‘monoculture’, where one species of plant is significantly over-planted than others. Green rolling hills of Bermuda grass and its commercially available lawn cohorts aren’t native to California at all – in fact, most are grass species cultivated from Africa and Asia. This over-planting of a nonnative species has run native grasses, plants, and trees out of town – but we can get them back! Trading in your lawn for edible gardens (filling your yard with herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees for your family to harvest), as well as planting water-wise and Californian plant varieties are incredible ways to give back to our environment. Plants and trees add to our soil’s health and nutrients, whereas lawns are notorious for causing pollution (through overuse of inorganic fertilizers), and contributing to high water use and runoff. 

California’s drought conditions – and city and county water regulations – aren’t going away any time soon. If your neighborhood allows, let the lawn go and opt into our environmental future of lawn-free, eco friendly landscapes! 

Need help planting natives and water-wise trees and shrubs? 

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