Expert Advice: Caring for Native Oaks

Expert Advice: Caring for Native Oaks

To plant or care for a Native Oak is to leave a legacy that will long outlive the next century, or perhaps, a few centuries. These incredible, expansive trees are the backbone of our native ecosystem in California, and deserve every protection we can afford them. Caring for these trees requires a team effort of knowledgeable Arborists and well-informed tree and property owners! 

Pests & Disease

Native Oaks do well in our climate and don’t struggle too much with aggressive pests or diseases that need to be mitigated with extensive care.

As such an integral part of our natural ecosystem, you can expect your Native Oak to host quite a habitat for wildlife – even in suburban and urban areas! Deer often find sustenance in their lower-hanging leaves, wasps use Oak branches to create gall nests for their young, and a wide array of caterpillars, squirrels, and birds all utilize the Native Oaks as part of their regular diet. 

Pruning Needs

Native Oaks are hardy trees, but should still have regular care by your Certified Arborist. Native Oaks should usually be pruned when your Arborist spots any of these risk factors: 

  • Low, overhanging branches over streets or traffic signs
  • Heavy, dead, or broken branches
  • Structural issues within the tree
  • Limbs touching or interfering with roofs, home siding, solar panels, or power lines/utility equipment

Pruning & Permitting

Our California Native Oaks are protected by law and tree ordinances, and in most areas, need permitting through your city or county to prune. Permitting work on trees so vital to our ecosystem is an important way we can help protect these beautiful specimens, as often the most dangerous thing for a tree like these is simply a chainsaw in untrained hands. The permitting process involves municipal Arborists (who work directly for cities and counties) working together with the ISA Certified Arborist performing or supervising the pruning work to ensure work is necessary and beneficial for the tree’s long-term health. This may seem daunting at first, but our team is well versed in what is required for permitting, and we handle the vast majority of tree permit needs for our clients! 


When it comes to watering, Native Oaks are low-maintenance and easy to please! Mature Native Oaks are drought resistant, and thrive in our natural dry and hot Californian environment, especially here in the greater Sacramento and Placer areas. Because of them being so well adapted to life here, they don’t have high water needs. Native Oaks don’t like being overly irrigated, and once established and matured, your trees should be kept away from lawn irrigation and any other equipment or factors that may increase the likelihood of over-watering. 

Need help, questions answered, or work for your Native Oak tree? Set up a visit with one of our ISA Certified Arborists!