Quick Facts

These common little pests are usually an easy spot from the excess of sticky sap they leave in their wake. This is their waste and is called ‘honeydew.’ Yup – it gets all over cars (sometimes causing paint and varnish damage), sidewalks, play areas, and patio seating! Turn over a lead of an infested tree or shrub, and you’ll be able to spot a host of small oblong bugs in light green, purplish-black, or yellow-orange.

We are glad to say that these are highly treatable and preventable with regular treatment by qualified professionals.


Once you’re spotting a lot of aphids, call us as soon as you can so we can begin treatment. We use what’s called a ‘systemic’ treatment that is injected directly into the soil and will only target the aphids, leaving the beneficial bugs and insects unharmed.  

We can only treat at the right time of year if it is a flowering tree (when it is not in flower) or any affected non-flowering tree. 

With the right team of ISA Certified Arborists and Plant Health Care professionals who know you and your trees, there’s no need to worry over seasons of aphid suppression – we’ll get them on a regular schedule tailored and suitable for their trees!


Be careful with any pesticides or harmful chemicals in the garden!

It’s important to talk with your pest control company and make sure they aren’t using anything harmful in the garden and around your trees, and especially do not let anyone spray broad-spectrum insecticide. Any tree is especially susceptible to aphids after any broad-spectrum insecticide is applied. Broad-spectrum insecticides kill all insects and bugs – the pests, and the beneficials, like ladybugs, pollinators, and spiders.

Without the beneficials to feed on them, aphids will go unchecked and quickly infest a plant or tree. 

Target Trees & Plants

Crape Myrtles and roses are especially susceptible to aphid infestation, as are red oaks and liriodendron (‘tulip trees’). Other trees and shrubs can also host aphids, especially if other hosts are nearby. 

Have questions, or need help pruning, planting, or caring for your plants and trees?  Schedule a visit with one of our ISA Certified Arborists!