Sacramento Plants & Trees Toxic to Cats

We’re big animal lovers here at Capital Arborists, and we want to keep your furry family members safe! Do you have a kitty who likes to explore the garden, or a feral cat friend? We’ve put together a short list of plants that are common here in the Sacramento area, and that have aspects of them toxic to cats. 

More often than not, each tree only has one part of it that proves toxic to our feline friends – for instance, ingesting the fruit, leaves, or seed pods, and cats typically aren’t interested in an outdoor environment. An important exception is all lily varieties, as even a brush-up against a stamen with pollen can prove deadly to our kitties! All in all, if you share a green space with a feline friend and have any of these trees or plants in your garden, ask your veterinarian what their risk level is! 



-American Holly

-All lilly varietals

-Apples & Crabapples




-Bird of Paradise





-Citrus trees



-Sago Palm


-Yew Pine


For a more complete list of all plants/trees found in Sacramento and in other areas, check out the ASPCA’s full list!