Soil Matters! Benefits of Organic Bio Stimulant Fertilizations

  • Enhance root and foliage growth
    • Encouraging healthy growth is what brings us strong, luscious trees! Healthy trees have both a strong root system supporting it, and happy branches and leaves. Bio Stimulants encourage growth by amending the soil with the nutrients trees need to grow from the ground up! 
  • Improve soil texture and structure
    • Tough conditions like high heat and extended drought, as well as construction, heavy foot traffic, and age can all affect soil texture around a tree. Often density increases with summer dryness, and long term stress can compact a tree’s soil and negatively impact tree health. Bio Stimulant treatments go directly into soil, help decompress compacted soil, and 
  • Increase availability of nutrients
    • Compacted and over-dry soil won’t absorb water well, and can lead to waste in runoff and harm a trees’ ability to access nutrients in the soil. Bio Stimulants have the nutrients trees need, expertly injected right into the soil around the trees’ root system – exactly where the trees need it.
  • Improve a plant’s recovery from disease and insect damage
    • Just like all living things, staying healthy helps trees naturally fight off disease and damage. Trees that are overstressed or missing vital nutrients are susceptible to larger problems like pests, severe sunscald, and not being able to recover well from disease.
  • Enhance a plant’s resistance to environmental stresses
    • Healthy, happy, well-nourished trees are more likely to survive and thrive through summer heat waves, and less susceptible to devastating breakage in strong winter storms – the right nutrients from organic treatments support your trees against stress year round. 


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