The 4 Best Tree-Friendly Products at Your Local Nursery

Nurseries are one of our favorite places, but can get overwhelming without knowing what you’re looking for! Aisles of products for every plant and exotic tree you can imagine – and you’re hoping you’re picking up the right thing to help your trees and not harm them! We’ve put together a quick list of items we love to recommend to our clients for your next trip to your local plant shop.



EB Stone Organics Smart Start 

We love this blend of organic nutrients for planting most new trees and shrubs. A scoop of this added to your planting soil can help give your new tree a great nutritional foundation as it acclimates to its new space. We also often recommend an Organic Bio Stimulant soil treatment within the first few months for new trees, which you can learn more about here!


Drip irrigation systems

These are wonderful if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, low-stress way to water. Water restrictions don’t apply to them, as they minimize runoff and only water trees and shrubs (not ornamental lawns). New systems can even have bluetooth capabilities so you can control watering from your phone or smart home!


Worm Castings

The castings earthworms leave behind in soil are packed with valuable nutrients, and a bag of organic worm castings is an economical and easy way to show love to your trees and garden! Sprinkle and water them into your soil, or for the more ambitious, create a ‘casting tea’ – soak a scoop of dry castings in water overnight and pour around the root system of your plants. 


Quality hand pruners

These are a must in any gardener or tree enthusiasts’ tool belt. We’re always happy to help with anything you need pruning-wise, but a quality set of hand pruners (and gloves for roses!), can help you dead-head flowers and snag small unsightly twigs without causing breakage or tearing to live wood.