Organic Fertilization

Extreme summer temperatures, as well as other environmental stressors like drought, soil compaction, and fertilizing problems, are common in the Sacramento and Placer areas. Each of these factors can adversely affect the health and beauty of your landscape.

Capital Arborists utilizes a bio-stimulant soil conditioning program that includes organic substances like humus, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and sugars, to counteract negative impacts to your landscape.

It’s important to remember that your beautiful landscape relies upon a healthy foundation.
Our Organic Bio-Stimulant fertilization program provides your trees and shrubs the nutrients they need to stay healthy, and combat disease and environmental stressors. As an organic ‘multivitamin’ for your trees, this treatment can be a vital tool to caring for the long term health of your trees and shrubs.

Bio-Stimulants can:

  • Enhance root and foliage growth
  • Improve soil texture and structure
  • Increase availability of nutrients
  • Improve a plant’s recovery from disease and insect damage
  • Enhance a plant’s resistance to environmental stresses
  • Improve the efficiency of any fertilizing program
  • Reduce effects of PH and soil imbalances

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