Plant Health Care Services

Plant Health Care Services

Our Plant Health Care programs treat a variety of tree and shrub problems, and help you keep your property beautiful for years to come.

Our ISA Certified Arborists personally diagnose the health of your specific trees (never a one-size-fits-all approach), and provide the least-invasive, and most environmentally sound approach to treat and combat plant pest issues.

With us, the health of your trees and shrubs is regularly cared for by an educated team of Arborists – which means no more worry, and no more wild goose chases for the right diagnosis and treatment!

Organic Fertilization

Our Organic Bio-Stimulant fertilization program provides your trees and shrubs the nutrients they need to stay healthy, and combat disease and environmental stressors. As an organic ‘multivitamin’ for your trees, this treatment can be a vital tool to caring for the long term health of your trees and shrubs. Learn more about our fertilization program here!

Aphid Suppression

Aphids can wreak havoc on your landscape, and we’re here to help. Our aphid suppression treatment is injected into the soil and efficiently reduces aphids in your landscape.

Nuisance Fruit Suppression

We can treat your trees to help suppress nuisance fruit from Plum, Olive, and Liquidambar trees that cause stains, messes, and attract insects & rodents to your home.

Growth Regulator Treatments

Growth Regulator treatments help slow and regulate the growth of trees whose species and growth expectation is too big for their location. For example, we often treat large Redwoods planted in small backyards or in areas a full-grown Coastal Redwood may not be suited for. This treatment isn’t right for every tree species, so it’s essential to have a Certified Arborist help assess and create a treatment plan.

We also treat to manage a variety of other tree and shrub issues:

  • Peach Leaf Curl
  • Root funguses Armalaria and Phytophthora
  • Boring insects
  • Red Humped Caterpillars
  • Oak Webworms
  • Scale insects
  • Box Elder Bugs
  • Citrus Leaf Miner
  • Needle Cast fungus

Set up an assessment and estimate with one of our ISA Certified Arborists!

Learn more about our Plant Health Care team’s professional qualifications: QAL / ISA Certified Arborist