Tree Removal


When tree removal is necessary, our Certified Arborists will inspect, advise, and protect your property throughout the process. Hiring the right team of skilled and thoughtful professionals for tree removal protects your property from damage and ensures removal is done correctly and efficiently.

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Organic Fertilization


Extreme summer temperatures, as well as other environmental stressors like drought, soil compaction, and fertilizing problems, are common in the Sacramento and Placer areas. Each of these factors can adversely affect the health and beauty of your landscape. Capital Arborists utilizes a bio-stimulant soil conditioning program that includes organic substances like humus, amino acids, [...]

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Plant Health Care Services


Plant Health Care ServicesOur Plant Health Care programs treat a variety of tree and shrub problems, and help you keep your property beautiful for years to come.Our ISA Certified Arborists personally diagnose the health of your specific trees (never a one-size-fits-all approach), and provide the least-invasive, and most environmentally sound approach to treat and combat [...]

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Tree and Shrub Pruning


Accurate pruning encourages the well being and beauty of your trees and shrubs. Keep your trees healthy and strong and help prevent damage. We provide careful and precise pruning techniques to properly maintain your trees and shrubs.Accurate tree and shrub pruning encourages the well-being and beauty of your trees, and provides a wealth of [...]

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