4 Myths About Arborists – Debunked!

Myth 1 – We Love Removing Trees
Nope! While we remove trees that are a hazard, dead, or dying, we’d prefer to see your trees healthy and thriving, and will never suggest you remove a tree unnecessarily. Our plant health care team can mitigate disease, nutritional issues, and tree pests, and our qualified arborists can safely prune away broken or problematic limbs.


Myth 2 – Tree Work is ‘Under the Table’
Though you may be able to come across uninsured tree workers willing to work for cash under the table, our team is a whole other level. We’re fully insured, and offer a full benefits package to our team members, including a 401k, health and dental, education opportunities, paid time off, and a robust safety program. With a team of professional arborists, you can take comfort in knowing that your trees are being cared for by professionals invested in their career.


Myth 3 – Arborists Aren’t Environmentalists
Can’t be further from the truth! We’re setting out to leave a legacy of a beautiful and vibrant urban forest that will live long past we do. That means planting trees adaptable to a changing environment, nourishing our existing trees with the right organic nutrients to get them through extended drought seasons, and always doing what’s best for each and every tree. We subscribe to the best practices and are always looking ahead to know what our community’s trees need to thrive today, and into the future.


Myth 4 – Tree Work is Easy
Though we love training new ‘saplings’ joining our industry, the majority of work out in the field of arboriculture takes years of practice, education, and mindfulness to master. Arborists work with a myriad of tools and equipment that requires extensive safety training – chainsaws, chippers, and climbing ropes are high-risk pieces of equipment, and aren’t for the faint of heart. We’re proud to say that our Arborist Apprentice program has grown dozens of highly qualified Certified Arborists, but each of those Arborists has invested years of work and dedication to learn and understand the art and science of quality tree work.