Cork Oak

Quick Facts

Cork Oaks do wonderfully well in California heat, especially in Sacramento’s mediterranean climate! These can be a great pick for a shade tree investment, and will last for years to come! The outermost layer of the bark is visually fascinating, and is used for harvesting natural cork! These are best placed in a spot that needs new shade, as they’ll happily provide you with shade in trade of a full-sun spot to thrive in.


Cork Oaks aren’t notoriously high-water guzzlers, but they aren’t to be confused with your drought-resistant Native Oaks. Cork Oaks should have a regular watering schedule based on season and maturity, especially important if we’ve had low rainfall in the fall and winter.


As with other large variety Oaks, pruning is most important to keep deadwood and heavy weight out of the canopy to prevent breakage and house clearance issues.

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