Pacific Madrone

Quick Facts

Its majestic color and almost out-of-this-world beauty is a great focal point in the landscape for those who love doting on their ornamental trees. These are truly best as prize trees in areas with regular care and attention – usually a garden or landscape that is often tended to with love.

They are uncommon because of their tendency to be high maintenance of soil quality.

A show-stopping and unique tree if you love to put in the work with your garden!


Very susceptible and highly sensitive to root rot, the Pacific Madrone is hyper-sensitive to overwatering and will not survive, nor put up much of a fight to survive, in soil with poor drainage. Stars of the show are dramatic, in both stage and soil! 

We sincerely suggest regular Organic BioStimulant Fertilization Treatments to amend the soil with the healthy bacteria and fungi they need to survive. You may also want to chat with your Arborist about physical soil amendments that help prevent root rot if you’re planting a Pacific Madrone- these amendments can be found at your local nursery! 


Soil conditions will be your biggest concern and struggle with the Pacific Madrone, far exceeding and pest struggles. Leaf spot and root rot can occur, both relating to watering and soil issues.

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