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Plant Profile – Pacific Madrone


Pacific Madrone Quick Facts Its majestic color and almost out-of-this-world beauty is a great focal point in the landscape for those who love doting on their ornamental trees. These are truly best as prize trees in areas with regular care and attention - [...]

Plant Profile – Pacific Madrone2023-05-17T15:20:08+00:00

Plant Profile – Liriodenrdon “Tulip Tree”


Liriodendron "Tulip Tree" Quick Facts These trees have a mystical quality, and with their showy, complex, and oversize flowers, they often make great additions to fairy gardens! Watering Liriodendron trees have high water needs, which [...]

Plant Profile – Liriodenrdon “Tulip Tree”2023-03-29T15:56:28+00:00

Plant Profile – Common Hackberry


Common Hackberry Quick Facts Hackberry trees are the standard for tree practicality, and they’re wildly underused. They’re strong, low maintenance, and hardy to a wide array of climates and seasonal stressors. Watering We typically favor the smaller [...]

Plant Profile – Common Hackberry2022-10-12T19:03:19+00:00

Plant Profile – Silver Maple


Silver Maple Quick Facts Though fast-growing and decent for shade, Silver Maple trees usually end up being more of a nuisance to homeowners than a shady perk. With heavy, brittle branches and aggressive roots, we sometimes have to consider removing these [...]

Plant Profile – Silver Maple2022-10-12T18:06:52+00:00

Plant Profile – Red Maple


Red Maple Quick Facts These heat-tolerant beauties won’t give you grief in summer, but will absolutely stun bright with fall color come autumn! They’re low-maintenance, and highly suitable for our Sacramento environment. The October Glory and Autumn Blaze are our favorites [...]

Plant Profile – Red Maple2022-10-28T18:09:27+00:00

Plant Profile – Coastal Live Oak


Coastal Live Oak Quick Facts Positively glorious in beauty, and a staple of our California landscapes and natural native ecosystems. Coastal Live Oaks are happy in out hot, dry summers and thrive in their natural habitat of California. If you've got the [...]

Plant Profile – Coastal Live Oak2023-05-17T17:08:29+00:00
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