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Plant Profile – Pacific Madrone


Pacific Madrone Quick Facts Its majestic color and almost out-of-this-world beauty is a great focal point in the landscape for those who love doting on their ornamental trees. These are truly best as prize trees in areas with regular care and attention - [...]

Plant Profile – Pacific Madrone2022-10-12T18:51:54+00:00

Plant Profile – Common Hackberry


Common Hackberry Quick Facts Hackberry trees are the standard for tree practicality, and they’re wildly underused. They’re strong, low maintenance, and hardy to a wide array of climates and seasonal stressors. Watering We typically favor the smaller [...]

Plant Profile – Common Hackberry2022-10-12T19:03:19+00:00

Plant Profile – Silver Maple


Silver Maple Quick Facts Though fast-growing and decent for shade, Silver Maple trees usually end up being more of a nuisance to homeowners than a shady perk. With heavy, brittle branches and aggressive roots, we sometimes have to consider removing these [...]

Plant Profile – Silver Maple2022-10-12T18:06:52+00:00

Plant Profile – Red Maple


Red Maple Quick Facts These heat-tolerant beauties won’t give you grief in summer, but will absolutely stun bright with fall color come autumn! They’re low-maintenance, and highly suitable for our Sacramento environment. The October Glory and Autumn Blaze are our favorites [...]

Plant Profile – Red Maple2022-10-28T18:09:27+00:00

Plant Profile – Liriodenrdon “Tulip Tree”


Liriodendron "Tulip Tree" Quick Facts These trees have a mystical quality, and with their showy, complex, and oversize flowers, they often make great additions to fairy gardens! Watering Liriodendron trees have high water needs, which [...]

Plant Profile – Liriodenrdon “Tulip Tree”2022-10-28T18:02:38+00:00
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