Silver Maple

Quick Facts

Though fast-growing and decent for shade, Silver Maple trees usually end up being more of a nuisance to homeowners than a shady perk.

With heavy, brittle branches and aggressive roots, we sometimes have to consider removing these trees when they are growing too close to a home, play area, or street. We won’t recommend planting a Silver Maple based on the species’ long-term issues, though we can help in maintaining an established tree and aid in keeping it healthy and safer.


Silver Maples, especially mature Silver Maples, need regular inspection by ISA Certified Arborists and consistent pruning to remove dry, heavy, and unsafe branches.


Silver Maples need regular all-around care to help prevent big stressors, and their habit for limb breakage can leave them susceptible to pest infestations. Regular pruning and structure care is the best and first line of defense to keep your Maple healthy and free of pests and disease.

Soil and Roots

These roots are strong, fast-growing, and aggressive on underground utilities, piping, and home foundations. Silver Maple roots are often the biggest liability of this Maple species. 

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