Liriodendron “Tulip Tree”

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Quick Facts

These trees have a mystical quality, and with their showy, complex, and oversize flowers, they often make great additions to fairy gardens!


Liriodendron trees have high water needs, which should be considered before planting.

You’ll want to plant them by trees and shrubs with similar water needs to avoid damage to existing trees. Tulip trees will need to be nurtured a bit with watering and soil health.

We especially recommend Organic Biostimulant Fertilizations for soil quality and Hydromax treatments for less watering stress during the dry season.


We like the smaller varieties for the sake of lighter branches and prevent high pruning needs. They’re much less maintenance, a safer option, and their shorter stature makes it easier to enjoy the show the flowers put on!


Particularly susceptible to aphids – lots of them!

Make sure you’re on a regular treatment schedule for a merit systemic soil treatment to keep aphid infestations at bay.

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