Atlas Cedar

Quick Facts

Commonly a unique blue-gray and a majestic, long-living tree, the Atlas Cedar can be a unique shade tree in the right sunny spot.


The biggest obstacle you’ll come across with maintaining a thriving Atlas Cedar is often the threat of over-watering! These trees are picky when it comes to their soil health, and won’t tolerate soggy or ultra-wet condition. It’s often not something we stress over too much when it comes to natural rainfall in the Sacramento area, but absolutely worth keeping an eye on irrigation leaks around this tree!


Atlas Cedars come in a variety of types, or “cultivars”. Pruning needs and technique for these trees vary pretty widely based on the type of tree you have. Weeping Atlas Cedars don’t need much maintenance to maintain their glory, but the young and freshly planted upright trees should be pruned to create and maintain a healthy structure.

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