Red Maple

Quick Facts

These heat-tolerant beauties won’t give you grief in summer, but will absolutely stun bright with fall color come autumn! They’re low-maintenance, and highly suitable for our Sacramento environment.

The October Glory and Autumn Blaze are our favorites – when late October comes, the October Glory will put on a show of bright orange coloring and the Autumn Blaze variety will provide your home with a burst of fall reds.


Wonderfully adaptable to our extreme summers, Red Maple trees maintain well in heat and drier soils.


These trees are low-worry with pruning – typically not too brittle, heavy, or irregular. Pruning on an as-needed basis is recommended to maintain good health and structure.


Red Maples generally don’t attract major pests or struggle with disease issues. For best health and fall color results, have your Arborist boost your Red Maples with an Organic Bio-Stimulant once to twice per year.

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