Japanese Maple

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Quick Facts

With a wide array of varieties and colors, these are among our area’s most popular and prized ornamental trees! No matter which type you choose, Japanese Maples are gems of the garden!


Japanese Maples are largely adaptable to a variety of soils, but will suffer without suitable drainage. Giving care to not over-water or leave them in soggy soil conditions will aid in their longevity and beauty over years to come.


Pruning on these trees should always be done by a professional with experience with Japanese Maples. Pruning them too much will leave them susceptible to devastating sunburn and potential disease, and won’t set your investment in them up for success long term. Deadwood and problem branches should be removed between seasons to promote vitality and healthy growth.


Japanese Maples are delicate and prized trees that are easy to care for if planted in a suitable spot. These trees are susceptible to sunburn on their delicate leaves and branches, so should be placed or planted in areas with shade or filtered-light to keep them protected. 

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