Arbutus Marina

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Quick Facts

These showy little trees are often stars of the garden! They’re well-adapted to the Sacramento area climate and loved by many of our clients and Arborists! 

Though the name can be confusing, the Arbutus Marina’s fruit is not the traditional strawberry in grocery stores or desserts.. Though it is edible!


The Arbutus Marina prefers good drainage, and is sensitive to overwatering and soggy soils. They are tolerant to hotter temperatures and drier conditions, making them a popular selection in California and the Sacramento area.


Regular pruning on an as-needed basis is recommended to maintain good shape and general health of the tree.


Not highly susceptible to a pest or disease, but it is in your trees’ best interest to have an Arborist inspect for aphids – especially during or after the growing season, when they tend to come out in gardens the most!

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