Black Oak

Quick Facts

Another one of the majestic California Native Oaks! Always a prize to have on any property or in any landscape.


Black Oaks typically prefer more dry soil conditions – they are wonderfully evolved and adapted for our dry area and thrive in it!


We don’t see these too often as residential trees in the city and suburbs of Sacramento, but they are, however, more common in the more rural areas of Placer County, the foothills, and sometimes larger properties in the Carmichael area. They share general pruning needs with the other native oaks, and typically just need pruning for structural health, home and street clearance, and to remove any dead or heavy branches.


As with most Oaks, new leaves are often a color-variant (usually lighter) to the established leaves. We get occasional calls about this, but it’s nothing to worry about – they’ll mature and blend right in with time. 

Your Black Oak will likely attract squirrels, birds, and wildlife – hardly pests, but in immense excess (especially squirrels and wood-peckers), can cause potential damage. 

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