Meyer Lemon

Scientific name: Citrus x meyeri

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Quick Facts

  • Loved by homeowners for their year-round production of sweet and juicy fruit
  • Grow approximately 6-10’ at full maturity
  • Easily grown in pots


Needs adequate watering. Not a considerably low water plant, but that is typical of citrus.


Regular pruning should be done typically 2x per year to keep the tree healthy and mitigate excess weight in branches.


The Meyer Lemon can be susceptible to aphids, scale, and mites. It is best to keep a regular eye on your tree and give your arborist a call if there are any irregular changes in fruit, leaves, and signs of aphid infestation.

Soil and Roots

Benefit from scheduled, regular waterings, with adequate drainage in between. They can do particularly well on drip systems for this reason.

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