Ornamental Pear

Scientific name: Pyrus calleryana

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Quick Facts

  • Grow 30-50’ in maturity
  • Need full sun
  • Flowers earlier than most trees (February-March)
  • Ornamental Pear trees are widely planted by developers for their hardiness in their first few years of life, but often develop structural issues as they age. They’re so adaptable and planted so often, the trees are considered an invasive species in portions of the US due to their overuse.


Mature trees (older than 5-10 years) need consistent pruning to keep a healthy structure and minimize storm damage. These trees tend to get relatively fragile as they get older and break limbs easily in windy or stormy conditions.


These trees are especially vulnerable to bacterial and fireblight, and should have a close eye on them for pest infestations, especially as they age.


Thrives in almost all soil types, drought tolerant, while also not being finicky about drainage in wet weather.

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